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posted 17th Apr 2023, 7:07 PM

Page 673
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17th Apr 2023, 7:07 PM


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Three more panels with three more countdown numbers, this time, "7" "6" and "5".

The first panel is a painting of a group of Life Witches sitting around a fire by their tent. Lolo is standing and gesturing dramatically, telling a story. Celi and Farquhar are sitting on a log with some bowls of soup; Celi looks uninterested while Farquhar laughs at Lolo's story. To their right, Hull is standing next to a witch we haven't met before- Farquhar's younger sibling, Zu. The color scheme is mostly teal and orange. (Characters' first appearances: , )

The second panel is a painting of the Maut sisters, Kelki and Vioma, hanging out together on the floor. Kelki is awake, reading a book in the dark, but her eyes are glowing so she can probably see just fine. She's got a blanket and is sitting on a pile of pillows with Vioma completely passed out behind her, face down in a pillow. She's twisted into a pose that could only be comfortable for a cat. The color scheme is mainly blues and purples. Characters' first appearances:

The final panel is a painting of Quincy and Charlotte in their... cabin? Room? both laying down. The window is open and letting some light in. Quincy is asleep and very cozy in bed under the blankets, his wheelchair next to him. Charlotte is laying on the couch, arms crossed, staring up at the ceiling pensively. She is wearing pajamas with shorter pants than usual and we see, for the first time, her legs. They are not hers. The color scheme is mostly very de-saturated greens and blues. Characters' first appearance:

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