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posted 24th Mar 2023, 5:27 PM

Page 671
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24th Mar 2023, 5:27 PM


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Izzy: (smiling and waving her hand at Louie dismissively) Ehh, its whatever. I got a cool scar out of it at least. Sometimes I tell people I got in a fist fight with a bear.

Louie: (clearly trying not to smile) Oh my god.

Izzy: (sternly) also if you had a brain *I* would have *definitely* killed you, so shut up.

Louie: o shit u right

Noah: (shouting down from somewhere upstairs) HEY THEY'RE ABOUT TO DO THE COUNTDOWN ON THE BIG TV GET IN HERE

Izzy: (starting to head up the stairs, turns back to Louie) Think about it, okay?

Louie: (still at the bottom of the stairs somewhat dumbfounded) Uhh

(Scene cuts to a news reporter on the television in the living room, in front of a blurry mostly purple background that could look sort of like Times Square if you squint. There's a big screen with the number "10" on it, and another big screen below it with the word "YAY".)

News Reporter: HERE WE GO!!

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