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posted 29th Jan 2023, 12:26 PM

Page 665
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29th Jan 2023, 12:26 PM


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Chip: Yeah! Ellis thought of it!

Louie: Oh... like "fish and chips". Thats.... (very unsure whether its the right word to use) cute....?

Chip: (delighted to be having a normal conversation with his brother) RIGHT???

(Another change of scenery; we find Duke, Boots, and Copycat outside on the upstairs patio. Duke and Boots are standing by the door while Copycat leans sadly against/over the railing.)

Duke: C'mon Boss, he's never coming back. You have to pull yourself together so we can spend more time finding a new home, and less time in *this* one.

Copycat: (sighing) Okay...

Boots: (lightly taps Duke's arm with the back of his hand) Hey come on, we can't say for sure he'll never come back. This isn't a simple scenario, (he turns and looks back at Copycat, smiling) and they obviously had a huge impact on each other.

Copycat: (pressing his pointer and middle fingers into his forehead like he's trying to make a headache go away) No, Duke is right. I scared him off like a damn fool! I don't know what came over me...


Copycat: (winces)

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