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posted 5th Jan 2023, 1:44 PM

Page 661
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5th Jan 2023, 1:44 PM


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Ellis: (in the garage, rummaging through a cooler for some sodas, door slightly ajar to let in some light)

Noah: (opening the door and leaning in) Hey, Ellis-

Ellis: (defensive, holding four sodas in his arms) I'M JUST GRABBING SOME FOR THE SHADOWS DON'T JUDGE ME!!!

Noah: What? Oh, no I don't give a fuck about that. (suddenly serious) I just wanted to say... uh. So... you and Chip, huh?

Ellis: (startled!!!! then tries to play it cool but fails epically) WH-WHAT DO YOU MEAN? (he fumbles his soda cans and almost drops them) I mean- yes we are both here.

Noah: (sincere smile) I'm, uh- I'm happy for you, bro.

Ellis: (disbelief) ....what?

Noah: I mean, if anyone was gonna get ya, I'm glad its him. Don't think me and Iz haven't noticed, you've been together a while now, huh?

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