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posted 5th Dec 2022, 1:03 PM

Page 659
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5th Dec 2022, 1:03 PM


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(Mira, walking through the front door, smiling) Heeey, I'm- (she and the Shadow kids ((with Jackie)) notice each other at the same time)

Mira and the kids simultaneously; Mira is more shocked, while the kids are excited: OH WOW THERE'S MORE OF THEM!

Mira: (slowly turns to view another part of the room, still smiling hesitantly when she notices the Slon, Harper, and Bogdan) OH WOW there's more of them too, haha!

Slon and Harper simultaneously, very excited: And more of them, too!

Slon: (shakes Mira's hand) Hello again! Nice to formally meet you! You must be Mira?

Mira: Y-yes... hi... Slon, right?

Slon: Right, and this is-

Harper: (cutting them off) Harper, Bogdan (they gesture towards Bogdan, who smiles and waves) nice to meet ya, quick question- are you another, like.. whatsit called... "loosetens*"?)

Mira: Excuse me?

Harper: do you shoot lasers is what i'm asking.

(*Note: the word Harper is looking for is Lucetan, the term people who can fire lasers use for themselves; first seen on this page: [ ])

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