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posted 24th Aug 2022, 1:19 PM

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24th Aug 2022, 1:19 PM


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Chip: (to Noah) Umm, even WE have New Years in SPL, Sweetie :)

Izzy: You do?

Chip: Yeah! Like how you guys get your own "birthdays", we just celebrate ours all at once! On New Years!

Ellis: Huh, ok,

Chip: So anyway, I'm gonna go party with them tonight! Ellis, do you want to come with-

Ellis: (recalling all his near-death experiences there) NO.

Chip: (not recalling any of that) Whaaa- why not?

Ellis: Hey? Hey Chip? That whole world is, um, kind of broken?

Noah: Why don't you just invite your weird skeleton friends over here?

Izzy: (turns to glare aggressively at him)

Noah: (putting his earbud back in, absolutely 100% aware of what he's just done)

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