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posted 19th Aug 2022, 12:54 PM

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19th Aug 2022, 1:30 PM



(Ellis is walking through the hallway past the living room. Izzy is on her phone on the couch, while Noah is on his laptop at the table with headphones in. He is reading an article titled "20+ Recipes for Picky Eaters")

Ellis "Get Out of my House" Clark: (confused) Hey, uh... shouldn't you guys be like, getting ready to go to a New Years party or something?

Izzy: (upside down on the couch) Nahh, we figured we'd stay home this time- keep an eye on the circus, y'know?

Chip: (teleports in from out of nowhere) YEAH so aren't you guys gonna get READY and like, decorate the house or something for them??

Ellis: (confused but amused)

Noah: (pulling out an earbud) ...they probably don't even know what New Years is?

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